The second coming of Mavala Shikongo by Peter Orner

AC99FAE0-30AC-4FFE-B18F-96C85CC81CEEBook set in Karibib, Namibia. Reviewed on 2019/10:

#thesecondcomingofmavalashikongoby #peterorner gets the prize of this month’s surprise read. I picked up this book because the choices of books both from or set in #namibia are scant to say the least. #orner fills that gap with whimsical characters and serendipitous occurrences. What a pleasure to read from beginning to end! These larger-than-life characters are telling each other stories while watching the day pass by on the verge of the #kalahari desert. Much like Larry, you are invited albeit conspicuously and reluctantly to partake in the action. That’s important to mention because Orner recreates that sense of being the suspicious, foreign and alien in his writing style all throughout the book. This is a sparse and labyrinth kind of read which focuses on the ride more than the actual story. The clues of these peculiar characters, their twisted stories and the mysterious #mavalashikongo are there for us to decipher. However do not blink too fast. Because if you do, you’ll miss the story and might have to wait endless years before the third coming, if there’s even one. #debutnovel#recommended #karibib #goasfarm#littlebrownandcompany #cincinnati#cincinnatus #returning#americanvolunteer #veld #goas#postindependence #namibian

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