The secret life of Saeed by Emil Habiby

IMG_4915Set in Haifa, Israel. Reviewed on 2018/10:

Can I also call myself a #pessoptimist ? I’m full of hope for books. I however on the other hand have zero hope on people. That’s an understatement! I have -300% hope on humanity. So what does this have to do with #emilhabiby ? There are literally so many amazing things going on in this book. For the sake of this mini review, I’m going to concentrate on one: the #return the act of returning and the impossibility of it all. This tragic struggle of humans not being able to grasp the futility of returning anywhere gets accentuated to its climax when you talk about the world’s oldest region continually inhabited with people and their wars and their killings. Or do you think the same people have inhabited the same area all this time? Quite different from other writers also talking about returning, #habiby offers us an #absurdist tale of endless twists. There are so many insurmountable obstacles to any decent life or hope, so why not join forces with #aliens ? #saeedalso reminds me of Kafka’s K. However there is a more playful, humorous and nonsensical feeling in describing situations which you wouldn’t expect at all. The capriciousness, abuse and injustice of the #occupation and exile which gets accentuated with apathy and the inevitable passing of time makes this book a poignant read today as it was published back in the 1970s. It’s human to dream of returning. It’s human to return and realize that everything has changed, including you. It’s human to forget and begin to dream about returning all over again. To that repetitive cacophony of vicious cycles #habibi suggest nothing but a book, a record of delusions and ultimately survival. #highlyrecommended#israeliliterature #haifa#thesecretlifeofsaeed#thesecretlifeofsaeedthepessoptimist#thepessoptimist #interlinkbooks#arabicliterature #satire#الوقائع_الغريبة_في_اختفاء_سعيد_أبي_النحس_المتشائل#إميل_حبيبي #אמיל_חביבי

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