The sellout by Paul Beatty

F99421D7-2DAF-4C30-9CAF-2D1339D95506Book set in Los Angeles, United States. Reviewed on 2019/04:

I think that #thesellout by #paulbeatty is one of the most Jewish books I’ve ever read in a while. It reminds of the amazing Israeli Arab Emil Habibi. #beatty and #habibi both managed so perfectly to translate from their non-Jewishness a very quintessentially Jewish quest: the existential threat of belonging to nothing at all. And what has been the constant response from all the great Eastern European Jewish writers: they tried to kill us, we survived, let’s have a meal. There is a very powerful survival instinct in #laughing at everything, of being #irreverent specially in the face of complete powerlessness and no hope of ever moving forward, of a way out. We move two steps forward and four backwards. In the overwhelming and persistent face of #despair Beatty in a erudite way gives us the freedom of #satire and the use of satire to confront what’s boiling underneath. Everything hidden in our minds since the beginning of times, every chapter and episode for and against #racismhas come out of the closet and Beatty has put up a circus for all of us to see, to laugh, to think differently and perhaps to empathize. This book feels like the literary equivalent of that moment when you laugh really hard and then start crying at the same time, as if your laughs and tears were intrinsically connected, laughs and tears as parts or sides of the same coin. Needless to say I loved this book and the #sistercities chapter is simply a work of genius. It’s a book that needs its time and space. #highlyrecommended #losangeles#dickens #segregation#manbookerprize #farrarstrausgiroux#fsg #alabama

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