The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer

IMG_5218Set in Shiraz, Iran. Reviewed on 2018/10:

#myiranianweek includes Dalia, Parnaz, Goli, Sara, Négar and Zoya. Here we have Dalia Sofer. I was not surprised at all when I learned that #theseptembersofshiraz was made into a TV movie. #daliasofer wrote a very complete and cinematographic book which comes together powerfully and compellingly as it progresses in front of you. By complete I mean that you come to this book expecting a story mostly about a #persianjewish family during the #iranrevolution and its aftermath of #exile . #sofer did write about a #jewish family but more significantly she wrote about the relationships of this family with the other characters in the plot, their relationships with #myths and #perceptions and #silences . At the core of the story I think there is an urgent and visceral need to bust myths. The myth of #return , the myth of sudden changes and the myth of #revenge. There is no point in concentrating on only one. Sofer so masterfully weaves the story through the family characters confronting these myths. “No one saw this coming. No one could have predicted these changes. They helped these people so much so how can this tragedy be falling on them?” Or so they claim. Thanks to the wholeness of the story, you also get to see into the minds of those poisoned to the core with revenge at all costs. How much your anger and fear and hate if left unchecked can end up destroying anything you wished to build in the first place. Your castles built on your hate for those who enslaved you fall down inevitably and you become a caricature or carbon copy of those who tortured you before. No surprise that I’m going to #highlyrecommend this book. Regardless of how you arrive to this book, it’s definitely worth a few sleepless nights. #harperpennial #shiraz #tehran#iranianliterature #brooklyn #شیراز

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