The seventh cross by Anna Seghers

IMG_3653Set in Westhofen, Germany. Reviewed on 2018/08:

At some point you can’t anymore claim that you didn’t know. Or was it that it actually benefited you all along? Or it didn’t affect you whatsoever so why bother? Did you feel you had to choose between you and them? Or did you always believe they were all guilty and criminals and so deserved their fate? Pertinent questions that a #smalltown in the vicinity of a #concentrationcamp had to grasp with. Or do they? Inevitably reality comes at them fast and a #manhunt comes to disturb their idyllic surroundings. Somehow it all feels very #german and very much encapsulated in a specific moment in time. #thomasvonsteinaecker in his foreword even claims that it’s so difficult to imagine the story for someone living in such a peaceful world as himself. The gentleman clearly failed to read this book and also watch the news. #seghers wants and encourages you wholeheartedly to extrapolate this story and apply it to your own circumstances over and over again. That is literally the #cinematographic and #universal appeal of #theseventhcross and its ultimate claim to popularity and resound fame. The same pertinent questions need to be asked a million times specially when your surroundings have chosen to leave the unknown unknown. They have chosen denial and apathy. What about you? Are you as privileged and removed as much as Mr #vonsteinaecker seems to be from what’s going on? Or are you like #annaseghers in constant fight against our own collective and individual denials? #highlyrecommended #westhofen #mainz#thriller #prisonescape #politicalprisoners#nyrb #suspense #dassiebtekreuz

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