The skin by Curzio Malaparte

IMG_6261Set in Naples, Italy. Reviewed on 2018/03:

I think #theskin is going to be my #bestbook of the month. #malaparte has written a brutally honest and equally insulting book which turns out to be quite the #masterpiece The days and weeks after the #allied liberation of #naplesis the #historical background of this book. However the main character is arguably the starving, traumatized and hopeless people of Naples. Malaparte in a stroke of #geniusembarks on a mission to be #blunt and contradict these sacrosanct premises: the allied heroes and the all suffering #neapolitan people. No wonder this book was banned for a while in #italy Malaparte thrives in what he does best (including in his personal and political lives), he always offers his #pointofview whether you are interested or not. You might not agree with him. But you can’t deny his “logical” and substantiated argument and even more importantly his philosophical, reflective and beautiful argument. I have no idea how this book reads in #italian and peppered with local Neapolitan because in English it’s an explosion of metaphors and stream of consciousness. So I’m obviously going to #highlyrecommend this book. However it’s a book that it’s going to contradict itself all the time, make you angry and uncomfortable. #curziomalaparte will leave you thinking, arguing and wishing you had a chance to have some coffee with such a character. #lapelle #nyrb #italianliterature#rome #napoli #alliedforces

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