The space between us by Thirty Umrigar

IMG_7398Set in Mumbai, India. Reviewed on 2018/12:

What a devastating read! I was very conflicted while reading #thespacebetweenus because the text itself does not come across as too allegorical or reflective or at least not as much as I usually enjoy. However reading the calamitous and traumatic stories and silences of #bhima and #sera and all the other #women made me glad that #thrityumrigar uses a rather journalistic style. Although there is a clear emphasis placed on one or maybe two characters, #umrigar manages to capture those instances when we hurt each other whether willingly or not and how those instance keep piling up until one day it all takes a weigh on us. As rightly explained in other reviews, there is an omnipresent #socialcommentary on the status of women in #indiansociety , the status of those which are considered inept to play their pre-conceived roles in the rapidly changing albeit traditionally obsessed society. However what impacted me the most was the skillful intrigue and twists in order to highlight how much regardless of our social class or position, we are incapable and fail over and over again to see others as living their own stories as supposed to being mere characters in ours. Personally what these characters have in common is their complete incapacity to provide a space for another person and with all that that entails, and their blindness to even recognize who is standing before them. #highlyrecommended#indianliterature #bombay #mumbai#harperperennial #memories #socialclasses#betrayal #abuse #harper #journalistic

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