The Sri Lanka Papers

IMG_7202Set in Sri Lanka. Reviewed on 2018/12:

At the heart of #thesrilankapapers the main question is when do we go for #justice and when do we strive for #peace ? Are they always incompatible? Would we ever have a chance to strive for both at the same time? Who gets to decide that? More than specific answers, this book is part of a series of ongoing conversations and conferences aiming to bring together international as well as local experts and activists to share their expertise and stories. This particular book is only about #srilanka and the aftermath of its #civilwar . However #zubaanbooks has also published volumes for other #southasian countries such as #india #pakistan #nepal and #bangladesh and also others more topic specific. The #interdisciplinary approach of the #series allows everyone to take something significant from the book, even if you’re a casual reader like myself. However let’s not fool ourselves, I think there is above all a specific #academic angle predominant in the text. Having said that, there are still some chapters way more accessible than others and overall a great introduction into how #rape and other types of #sexualviolence acts are used in #armedconflicts . As a librarian myself, I was happy to find a bibliography at the end of each chapter to allow the reader to look for other sources in case you are interested in finding out more. #highlyrecommended #nonfiction #lawandgender

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