The stone building and other stories by Asli Erdogan

70CDE922-5CAE-49C2-88F2-25229A4E36E6 (1)Book set in Istanbul, Turkey. Reviewed on 2020/06:

“The facts are obvious, contradictory, coarse… and blaring. I leave the facts, like a mound of giant stones, to those who busy themselves with important matters. What interests me is the murmur among them. Indistinct, obsessive. Digging through the rock pile of facts, I’m after a handful of truths – or what used to be called that, these days it doesn’t have a name. Lured on by a flickering light, what if I were to dive deeper and deeper, if I could reach the bottom and make it back – I’m after a handful of sand, the song of the sand that slips through my fingers and disappears. Those who speak of the shadow, speak the truth. Truth speaks through shadows.” If, like me, you have never heard of #aslierdoganbefore, this book is your chance to get acquainted with her important work. Wanna learn about the scars and pain that never go away? The haunting and never ending effect of torture and repression? What happens after injustice has taken place? What are your options? Through her #shortstories here, #erdogan aims to provide a beginning of a conversation with an endless timeline. #thestonebuildingandotherplaces is about a multitude of #voices living in the aftermath of political repression and #persecution . How can their thirst for justice match their need to survive and dance and laugh and love? The incisive and human words of #AslıErdoğan against the autocratic and despotic elements in today’s #turkish politics. #highlyrecommended#turkishliterature #sevincturkkan#istanbul #politicalexile #exile#citylights #citylightsbooks#peninternational #tasbina

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