The story of Maha by Sumayya Lee

IMG_7518Set in Durban, South Africa. Reviewed on 2018/12:

As promised, my last mini review of this month and year takes me to #durban . It’s literally the only reason why I chose this book to read. In a lot of ways, #sumayyalee defies readers’ expectations all along the story. It’s a #comingofage story but it has some #political angles too. It touches on the #apartheid but from the perspective of an #indian family. Yes, they are Indian, but they are also #muslim . Yes, they are Muslims but with different degrees of observing traditions and customs. And so on and so forth. It seems that #lee aimed to fiercely make this book what’s literally called #thestoryofmaha and that’s it. Yes, all these accolades can give you an idea or make you expect something, but Lee always wants you to remember the story of one person: #maha . Because it’s such an individually focused story, it’s also funny, amusing and a fast read. I think if you’re looking for something interesting and different story from topics we have heard so much about before, then this book could be for you. I do have to admit that because of its entertaining goal, the book left me yearning for a deeper and reflective angle. However I can definitely see and felt myself quite the enjoyment while reading it. So I’m going to #recommend it but to a certain extent. 🙂 #nbpublishers #arrangedmarriage#revolution #indianmuslim#southafricanliterature #kwazulunatal#capetown

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