The street of crocodiles by Bruno Schulz

Set in Drohobych, Ukraine. Reviewed on 2020/06:

 is my second read by #brunoschulz and that also means I’ve read everything he wrote. He only wrote two books. His life was cut too short due yet another barbaric European war in what we call today #ukraine . I hesitate to say that #schulz was ahead his time. His delicious taste for humor at the face of our human decadence and penchant for self-destruction are above and beyond any time period. I think #schulz stories have a way of penetrating the mundane and cruel reality and exploding it into pieces from the inside out, one word at a time. Through his stories, Schulz is allowing us to see a world of allegories, fantasies and wonders which felt more real than whatever version of reality his counterparts were creating. There is something insanely hopeful in this books that leaves me speechless. When Europe and the world around him became obsessed with destroying his world and annihilating everything he held dear, he responded with a laugh. #highlyrecommended #cinnamonshops #sklepycynamonowe #drogobych #penguinclassics #ukrainethroughbooks #jewishliterature

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