The teahouse of the august moon by Vern Sneider

1348093B-57B6-4F42-99F9-B1D492C765A8Book set in Tobahu, Japan. Reviewed on 2019/04:

This book is literally what you think you’re going to get from just looking at the cover. No big surprises here! It’s funny, entertaining, enjoyable and with some endearing moments. When you think of the atrocities committed by American forces stationed in #okinawa and the fact that this book came out in the 1950s well it sounds all cringe-worthy. I think that #vernsneider in his subtle way wanted to portray a #critical angle into the way Americans had come to think of their presence in the area. He might have achieved that with some people in some circles. Is that enough or does it go deep enough? Probably not! Plus it doesn’t help at all that the book goes into some unnecessarily repetitive cycles. So it’s an ok read at the end. I wish someone would write a more “updated” version of this book. I also read somewhere that the movie and the broadway play are not that great either. #soso#theteahouseoftheaugustmoon#sneider #okinawa #tobaru#americanliterature #沖縄 #signet#madeintoamovie #americanoccupation#wwii #soldiers #criticaleyes #okinawa#signetbooks#howfarlaughingcantakeus

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