The time regulation institute by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar

IMG_6552Set in Ankara, Turkey. Reviewed on 2017/07:

I’m convinced that you do not need a massive book of let’s say 800 pages, hundreds of characters and an intricate drama to convey a compelling message. Quite the contrary, I’d argue that the best writers of all times have always written ‘simple’ stories that manage to hit it right on point like a dart aimed at the center of it all. Hence this #masterpiece for my book review tonight: #thetimeregulationinstitute by #tanpinarIt’s essentially the story of a #turkishsociety going through some radical and rapid socio-economic and cultural transformations imposed by #atatürk to catch up with the West. This book goes very much in line with other writers describing their own countries’ and cultures’ plans for rapid modernization. At first the story might feel only interested in #turkey and highly critical of a particular period of time that still affects the country to this day. But there are also here glances of #kafka . Tanpinar also aims to discuss the idea of #freedom and who gets to define it and how. Are we #free when we let others take the responsibility of making decisions for us? Does being productive make us free? Is freedom even achievable in a society? Is #alienation a condition to be free? #highlyrecommended#ahmethamditanpinar #ankara #istanbul#saatleriayarlamaenstitusu#saatleriayarlamaenstitüsü #modernization#time #turkishliterature #absurd

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