The trauma cleaner by Sarah Kranostein

E7C16B6E-227B-4D61-B7C5-6925014576D5Book set in Melbourne, Australia. Reviewed on 2019/06:

#sandrapankhurst is indeed an extraordinary woman and after reading #krasnostein ‘s you’re thoroughly convinced of that. What’s important to keep in mind here is that Pankhurst is above all extraordinary on her own terms. She is a ferociously independent individual who struggled all her life to create a space in which she can unmistakably be herself against all odds. #thetraumacleaner by #sarahkrasnostein brings the reader into her life and not the other way around. You are bound to disagree with Sandra, fight with Sandra, argue with Sandra, and even cry with Sandra but one thing is for sure: you can’t but marvel at how much she fought for her right to be herself all the time, 24 hours. Her story reminded me of both the equally real and ferociously unique lives of #janmorris and #anastaciatomson . These stories are first and foremost theirs, no doubt about it. Regardless of our own opinions, we need to be able to appreciate their uniquely extraordinary perspectives. Once you have understood that, then maybe the healing can begin and Sandra may help you with the trauma cleaning… #recommended #australianliterature#nonfiction #genderqueerlit#stmartinspress #melbourne#queeraustralia#victorianprizeforliterature#traumacleaning #biography#makingsenseoutofchaos #myopic#genderreassignmentsurgery

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