The tree and the vine by Dola de Jong

B83CEFA7-EB0B-448D-8ED1-11D3E7159FDEBook set in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Reviewed on 2020/05:

“In February, there was a kind of trial where I saw Erica one last time. She smiled at us, at Dolly and me. Shortly afterward she was sent to Vught, and in April I received word that she had died. Pneumonia, according to the postcard I pulled out of the mailbox.” During the #nazioccupationof the #netherlands , the town of #vught served as the site of a #concentrationcamp called #herzogenbusch . Like most of the #demagogues we have these days, the Nazis were convinced of their power to annihilate and obliterate forever. #doladejong , among so many others writing about what happened, they make sure we never forget. We, readers also have a role to play by actually reading these stories and sharing them. Erica and Bea made me think of the movie #aimeeandjaguar with the amazing #mariaschrader . The intimate and introspective aspects in this story forces the reader to look at the core of the book. Let’s not fool ourselves. #thetreeandthevine talks about a #queer #lesbian love story under the occupation of #amsterdam . However, it goes deeper into the complicated and at times contradicting relationships between humans, and by doing so, the book reaches out to all of us, speaks powerfully to all of us. It reminded me also of #fateless by #imrekertesz . Like #georgekoves , #erica can see beyond the pathetic and fragile world around her, completely falling apart. But how can you reconcile visionary with salvation? #highlyrecommended#kristengehrman #transitbooks#dutchliterature #dethuiswacht

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