The viceroy of Ouidah by Bruce Chatwin

1CC31171-55C8-4EB4-BDBB-52A0070C2C41Book set in Ouidah, Benin. Reviewed on 2019/10:

160 pages is all it takes for #brucechatwin to deliver this jewel. Let’s talk about richness in details, master control of multiple characters and evocative power of descriptions marinated with fast-paced action. All of that for sure is evident in this exhilarating story. #theviceroyofouidah is above all a perfect example of the power of fiction to fill out those gaps left by the official records. Sometimes our #archives do not have all the information necessary to know what exactly happened. I’ll tell you two secrets: archives will never tell you exactly what happened and they are also a great source of subjectivity and fiction. #chatwin learned just that firsthand when researching the life of the real #franciscomanoeldasilva . The political circumstances in #dahomey or soon to be called #Benin prevented him for accessing the “record” on #dasilva . That challenge became the fuel to create this compelling and captivating fiction tale. He relied on fiction to tell a story which was more fiction than real to begin with. What if lies and #halftruths are the only way we have to begin to tell the story? #highlyrecommended #ouidah #slavery #afrobrazilians #brazilianslavery #penguinbooks #madeintoamovie #ghezo #slavetrade #salvadordebahia #bahia

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