The women of sand and myrrh by Hanan Al-Shaykh

645768B7-2FCF-421B-ADB4-DE8E27413228Book set in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Reviewed on 2019/08:

#hananalshaykh is no stranger to controversy. This outstanding #lebanese writer has dedicated her entire career to write about #women more specifically #arabwomen . As a consequence, several of her books have been #censured or #banned in several Arab countries. #womenofsandandmyrrhfeels intimate, warm and hopeful. These 4 women want to live, to love, to dream and to survive. In order to experience that, they have to condition themselves to play the game to some extent and rely on sporadic and secret moments which allow them to be free for only a few moments. #alshaykh ‘s writing style is succinct and concentrated more on the mundane instead of any political manifesto or philosophical voyage. The stories or should I say novellas are loosely connected and I think they should be read as the private and confidential account that they are. My advise here is to instead of reading this book, let Al Shayk read the story to you. #recommended#lebaneseliterature #saudiarabia#isolation #secretlives #anchorbooks#fourwomen #womenlove #witmonth#womenintranslation

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