Theater in Sierra Leone by Iyunolu Osagie

F2150D19-C408-4101-BB2F-3A6C3726F86EBook set in Sierra Leone. Reviewed on 2019/10:

I don’t tend to read a lot of plays but here I’m definitely glad I made an exception. If like me, you’ve never been to #sierraleone or have any connections whatsoever, you will particularly enjoy the introduction. Why is that? Well because these 5 plays speak profoundly to specific times in #sierraleonean history and local culture. If you have them out of that context, I believe it’s certainly difficult to appreciate their transformative roles. Should this be the case for every book? Do they all need to come with some annotated notes to explain any context? Aren’t the human experiences they talk about universal at the end of the day? Maybe, maybe and who can say. As a librarian myself, I do certainly appreciate any added information which will help explain the importance of a particular text in the communities, areas or countries they were written. At the same time, a text can also transcend whatever the writer wanted to achieve and mean something completely different to other readers. All this to say, that if you are interested in learning more about the period prior to the 1990s #civilwar in Sierra Leone from the #playwright ‘s perspective, then this is the book for you. This is also a great read if you’re interested in how communities use plays to incite social and political change, either in Sierra Leone or anywhere else. #recommended#freetown #sierraleoneliterature#iyunolaosagie #DeleCharley#JohnKolosaKargbo #JuliusSpencer#TonieFrench #MohamedSheriff#africaworldpress #plays#theaterinsierraleone#sierraleonetheater #anthology#sierraleonedrama


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