Their eyes were watching god by Zora Neale Hurston

4631A327-3B46-491F-BAEA-C541B804A77C (1).JPGBook set in Eatonville, United States. Reviewed on 2019/12:

Only amazing things can happen when you have an #anthropologist of the caliber of #zoranealehurston writing a novel. #hurston has been rightly called an #independent writer by so many critics and reviewers. Personally I think Hurston excels primarily at one thing in #theireyeswerewatchinggod : the visionary observations on the subtleties of life. These subtleties are brutal and visceral. These subtleties are uplifting and hopeful. Either way, they leave a scar especially on what remains unspoken. I consider this book #visionary because Hurston goes beyond observing the details. And what do you see? What can you possibly see at the #atomic level of observation? I’m going to let #janiecrawford answer that question #herself . By writing like a visionary anthropologist (#franzboas would have been proud!), Hurston made sure to tackle the core issues, and make this book a timeless read. All honesty here: this book is not a Sunday afternoon entertaining read or a political manifesto. Or is it?!? This book works wonders when the reader allows the story to be observed as the movement of details that it is. The writer’s #observations made vivid and lucid thanks to her wondrous writing become body parts eager to go for a walk, and experience the world by themselves. Hope this makes any sense! #highlyrecommended#eatonville #africanamericanliterature#perenniallibrary #florida #everglades#jacksonville #racialsegregation#masterpiece

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