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IMG_0906Set in Juba, South Sudan. Reviewed on 2018/04:

It’s probably a given by now that most #newlyindependentcountries feel an obligation to also create a “new” literature of their own. It definitely serves a few purposes: bear witness to the past and current abuses and atrocities, create and even oppose narratives which cement or contradict a national identity and to inscribe the country into the #literary trends across the world specially if there is a #diaspora I feel that this #collection of #shortstories aims to do all the above. There is a clear tone of endless #questioning when it comes to the not so distant #civilwar its relationship with #sudan and the fragile and uncertain future. The writing is succinct yet compelling, at least enough to keep you engage even if you have never heard about #southsudan before. Having said that, I have one question to pose among the #questions from the writers: where are all the #women of South Sudan? I don’t understand why not even one single #southsudanese female writer was featured here. I don’t know all the details. But it’s difficult for me to understand why they didn’t include at least one female writer and provide a space for her perspective. Having said that, I’d definitely #recommendthis book to anyone wanting to get to know more about a country kicked out of our international media outlets and with clearly a voice wishing to be heard. #thereisacountry#newfictionfromthenewnationofsouthsuddan #mcsweeneys #southsudaneseliterature#juba #khartoum #nyuolluethtong

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