There there by Tommy Orange

72909B04-76D2-4FD9-A147-C2BD6535953ABook set in Oakland, United States. Reviewed on 2019/04:

#therethere feels like two storytellings fighting for dominance. There is on one side the self reflection and internal monologues on isolation, identity and belonging. Then closest to the end, we have a more event-driven fast-paced story. Despite my preference for the more reflective part, I could surely enjoy both “stories”. My main criticism is that I don’t think there is anything or anything of importance working to link the entire book and these two lines. I feel there is something missing here and I can’t put my finger on it. The glue holding the stories together is not in this book and at the end it feels loosely constructed and not in a good way. The buildup to the final #powwow could have been a lot more trascendental and powerful. Having said that #tommyorange still uses some lines in a few chapters which are without a doubt the main attraction. That’s where the magic and the soul searching of the book happens. I just wished he had let the story marinate for a while before publishing, let the parts come together, let these story lines talk to each other. #oakland #knopf #knopfbooks#oklahoma #cheyenne#nativeamericanliterature #isolation#identity #myland #remembering#debutnovel #americanliterature#orange #ancestors #ourstories#recommended #nativeamerican

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