They who do not grieve by Sia Figiel

AA57F038-2F63-4377-A9BB-20A15DA63984Book set in Falealupo, Samoa. Reviewed on 2020/02:

Literally a year ago in my #readoceania for feb 2019, I discovered the one and only #albertwendt from #samoa. Now in #feb2020 I discover his compatriot and writer extraordinaire #siafigiel . I’m usually very candid with these personal reviews. But here there is no place for ambiguity. #figiel is the best and #theywhodonotgrieve is what literature is supposed to be. This month I have read a few books that either had a compelling story but were written with a convoluted style or others that had a so-so story but written in a captivating way. Figiel has it all! They Who Do Not Grieve is the perfect marriage between a story that screams out loud its right to be heard, to exist and does it in a #poetic , engrossing and unequivocal way. Short and direct yet sophisticated sentences that become ammunition in which to propel her emotions. Figiel is not so interested in the facts of the story of the three #generations of #samoan women back and forth from #samoa to #newzealand . At least in this book, the story is instead centered in what was left unsaid; what we should have said; what we expected to hear; what we always wish we had said. I can’t believe I spent all these years without knowing anything about her. Needless to say, this book is now a strong contender for my #bestbookofthemonth . #highlyrecommended #samoanliterature #pasifikaliterature #readoceania #kayapress #falealupo

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