They’re a weird mob by Nino Culotta

12E45CE9-FA04-4283-B84F-DEDD94CFC80CBook set in Sydney, Australia. Reviewed on 2019/03:

Last month’s #literarytripended with an Irish #immigrant family in the #slums of #surrayhills #sydney and this month we begin our trip with an #italian new immigrant in the same city. Although both books were published close to one another around the 1950s and somehow describe similar circumstances, let’s say that #theyreaweirdmob is a very different kind of book. Here #johnogrady wrote under the pseudonym #ninoculotta a more comic and light version of what happens when you move to a new place and aim to blend in either because you willingly want to or because it’s your job as an undercover #journalist . First few pages are funny indeed then afterwards the joke of not understanding each other gets old and it all feels flat. #ogrady ’s story makes me think that ultimately the immigrant experience can also be lived in a very individualist way. The last chapters are not aging very well and are basically a mirror into the dilemma of those seen as integrating and assimilating well into the #australian or any society. I just wish one story shouldn’t be used to hide or discount others. This is the kind of book to read while thinking how one experience shouldn’t define everyone’s. Enjoy the jokes and funny episodes but keep in mind that not every immigrant coming into #australia could pass as “white”, had financial security, had a job waiting for him at home, moved without an entire family to support, etc. It’s important to keep all that in mind when reading this book… #weldon #milan#australianenglish #hardwork#madeintoamovie #italianimmigrant #series

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