Thine is the kingdom by Garth Buckner

67564F87-3A9A-401E-8BC1-BC8EE87BF042Book set in Nassau, Bahamas. Reviewed on 2020/02:

Reading more one book at a time is a great way to read multiple stories. It also makes it impossible not to compare them. All this to say that #thineisthekingdom by #garthbuckner paled in comparison with the books I was reading at the same time. The topics described in this book are a great appeal to most readers: #identity , what does it mean to be #bahamian , #racial issues, #socioeconomic classes. My major problem with the book is its painfully slow pace. In the first 100 pages of so, #buckner takes his time to present any action between the characters. Once the adventure picks up, you definitely see what the writer was trying to built in the first pages. Overall, an interesting read on #belonging and identity when it comes to the gap between how we identify ourselves and the way that same society perceives us. It was a captivating read once the writer liberates the story from a slow motion state of mind. #ravennapress #nassau #bahamas#montagu #montagubay #native#bahamianliterature #recommended#literatureofthebahamas #gavinblake

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