Time and the river by Zee Edgell

Book set in Roaring Creek, Belize. Reviewed on 2020/10: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGkS-uAgVZ1/

 is my second time reading #zeeedgell . Long story short: I found it difficult to immerse myself in the story and once I did, it ended. Hehehe. There are a few characters popping in and out and the time travelling between time periods do not make for a very enticing combo. However, the main character, Leah is and should be your anchor throughout the story. I wish #edgell would have concentrated solely on her from the very beginning. Instead we have a very dense and slow-pacing story with lots of characters loosely linked. However, once #leahlawson takes centerstage, the story shines through. The tragedies, twists and decisions that Leah makes for herself as well as for those around her tremendously impact the trajectory of all the other characters. That’s something I understood in the last few chapters. Either way, if you are interested in reading #belize , Zee Edgell needs to be top priority on your agenda. #historicalfiction #belizean #belizecity #belizeanliterature #heinemann #harcourtbooks #caribbeanwritersseries #bornintoslavery #maroons #roaringcreek #kriol #eboetown

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