Touba and the meaning of night by Shahrnush Parsipur

IMG_6235Set in Tehran, Iran. Reviewed on 2018/02:

If like myself you were obsessed with #womenwithoutmen by #shahrnushparsipur I invite you all to also explore her earlier book #toubaandthemeaningofnight also published by the amazing people at the #feministpress Touba is larger than life and she’s on a #quest to search her meaning and live it to the fullest. Her personal quest is intertwined here with the ‘modern’ history of #iran since the end of the 19th century until the Islamic revolution. But beyond the obvious historical references in this book, #touba is also the story of a #nonconformist vocal and #strongwilledwoman against a male dominated society and even other women. Even more important to mention here is Touba’s insistence to own #her history and traditions. Her struggle is the struggle of a country trying to reconcile its ancient wisdom and ways with new trends and progress. Needless to say the result is pure gold and a testament to so many #iranianwomen bearing witness to the grandeur of their traditions despite #censorship and #imprisonment All of her books remain #banned in Iran and #parsipur was thrown into jail before her exile to San Francisco. I think Iranian authorities should definitely be scared of all Iranian women such as Touba and Parsipur. They are an endless source of resistance and a force to be reckoned with. #highlyrecommended #iranianliterature#tehran #تهران #شهرنوش_پارسی_پور#طوبی_و_معنای_شب

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