Transparent city by Ondjaki

44CF8C3A-36C9-4909-A930-121136FD2881Book set in Luanda, Angola. Reviewed on 2019/10:

“a man is made of what he plans and what he comes to feel. of chains that rivet him to the floor and chain verses that course like air through his body in echoes of poetry. truth and urgency” #transparentcity by #ondjaki feels like an immersive experience. From the very first pages, both the style and the story lead you to believe that you are up for a strange ride. That strangeness becomes an experience because Ondjaki maintains his delicious grammatically incorrect and #oulipan style throughout the story. Personally only a style such as this one could perfectly capture the city of #luanda in all its glory and pain. Every single mischievous character in the city or obscure corner becomes a story to tell or a character to remember. I loved this book because Ondjaki wrote a raw manifesto about his creative process. Ain’t going to lie here! This book is going to fight you, challenge you and spit you out. Let Ondjaki show you how to read the core elements of what makes the people of Luanda #comingofage survivors. This book in its original with the whimsical qualities of the Portuguese language must be a feast for the senses. A luxury I can only dream of. #bestbookofthemonth ? Maybe! We will see in a few days! #highlyrecommended #angolanliterature #biblioasis #josesaramagoprize #ostransparentes #citylife #urbanlife #saramago #luandan #immersiveexperience #odonato #seashells #thecityandthesea #angola

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