Tree of lips by Bi Kim

B8A70986-DF5F-4C94-A031-A9573DFB1C67Book set in Gangneung, South Korea. Reviewed on 2019/06:

“Whenever she cried for her mother, her father took the red shirt that her mother had left behind from out of the closet and wore it to make Ran laugh. Ran would wiggle until she fell asleep, and she awoke, her mother was still gone, but in her mother’s place, wearing her mother’s clothes, was her father.” Can a 4-pages long #shortstoryprinted in recycled paper become my #bestbookofthemonth ? I found #treeoflips by #kimbi when I realized that I didn’t have anything set in #korea for my #genderqueerlit reading list. That just can’t happen! This story has everything I absolutely adore in #koreanliterature : compelling, visceral, unexpected turn of events, humanly tragic and touching. More importantly, I think #koreanliterature thrives in shedding some light onto the darkest corners of our human existence. The ending of this short story is simply spectacular and deeper than most 300+ pages repeated ad nauseam here in IG. So if you want to step out of your comfort zone in a quietly way and read something truly different and earth-shattering, I can’t recommend you enough to read a Korean book of less than 200 pages. #highlyrecommended#gangneung #wordswithoutborders #입술나무 #bikim #서울 #강릉시#transgenderfather #transgendermother#koreantransgender #queerkorea

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