Tribal nation by Adrienne Lynn Edgar

BD6158BD-11AE-4942-9D33-1F093D3214FFBook set in Turkmenistan. Reviewed on 2020/06:

Not being able to find much fiction options set in #turkmenistan has led me to find these nonfiction jewels. #tribalnation by #adriennelynnedgar is #wellresearched , incisive, challenging and just a pleasure to read. Through the pages #edgar becomes a compelling storyteller taking the readers to the 1920s and 1940s when the #soviets together with local elites helped shaped #centralasia into five #soviet socialist republics. This book concentrates on Turkmenistan. However, what Edgar does best here is to connect the story to other parallel stories to the main one. That’s storytelling at its best! The details in this book concentrate mostly on #turkmen . However, Edgar quickly makes you realize that learning about the people who have historically inhabited #turkestan is also connected to events in #tashkent or #moscow or #persia . Each chapter reinforces the idea of how details and particularities of a situation or issue are intrinsically linked to other narratives. Does Edgar hold a key to the puzzle of today’s authoritarian and dictatorial reality in the country? A few days ago, Al-Jazeera reported that outside of a few Oceania islands, North Korea and Turkmenistan are the only countries in the world without confirmed cases of coronavirus. #highlyrecommended #princetonuniversitypress #sovietturkmenistan #turkmenia #түркменистан #ashgabat #ашгабат #poltoratsk #полторацк

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