Trilogy by Jon Fosse

9E442D0A-D97C-4E06-89A5-F4D016993BBDBook set in Bergen, Norway. Reviewed on 2019/12:

#trilogy by #jonfosseis another big contender for my #bestbookofthemonth . #fosse is to some degree writing a book or 3 books similar to Love by Hanne Orstavik featured yesterday. The main difference being that Fosse adds an element of strangeness to both his writing style and the actual story. Who are #asle and #alida ? They are pure and naive #lovers . That same love forces them to be shape-shifters and liars in order to survive. #Bjørgvin or #Bergen also forces them to reconsider who they think they are and try to survive. Fosse’s accentuates those pure emotions and sense of alienation with his disruption of grammar rules. There is no point in stressing out about where a sentence stops and another begins. There is no point in stressing out about where Asle stops and #olaf begins. It’s not about the details with Fosse. It’s all about what remains intact despite it all. After the suffering, the deceiving, the endless walking, what keeps us longing and alive. #highlyrecommended#dalkeyarchivepress#NordicCouncilPrize #Wakefulness#OlavsDreams #Weariness#MayBritAkerholt #Trilogien#norwegianliterature

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