Trinidad Noir – The Classics by Earl Lovelace

B64EA47F-4ABA-4A1B-AA20-F89BDA3F0FD2.JPGBook set in Trinidad and Tobago. Reviewed on 2109/11:

And after my #brazilianweek and #southamerica , the rest of this month’s books are all set in the #caribbean for a special edition which I’ve decided to call: #islandhopping from #trinidad to #bahamas . It’s no secret that I’m completely in love with #akashicbooks‘s #noirseries set in cities, countries, regions all over the world. As far as I know, this is the only one which aims to deal with #classics . Personally, the introduction written by the one and only #earllovelace helped set the stage for the entire #anthology . When you call a book #trinidadnoir – the classics , you are making a lot of assumptions which can lock up the stories in impossible definitions and expectations bound to disappoint pretty much everyone. Who gets to be included as #trinidadian ? Has the concept of #noir changed throughout the years? And even more problematic, who gets to decide what “The Classics” are? While reading most of the stories, you quickly get the idea that instead of defining any canon whatsoever, these stories are actually in the business of challenging these categories. In a way, they have to. They have no choice when you consider the history of #trinidadandtobago and its people through the veil of a noir story or any story at all. #highlyrecommended#robertantoni#literaturefromtrinidadandtobago#trinidadandtobagoliterature

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