Troll by Johanna Sinisalo

IMG_3381Set in Tampere, Finland. Reviewed on 2018/08:

We are all #trolls and #sinisalo is here to just confirm our suspicions. Following up on my mini review from yesterday, it’s difficult not to see the similarities with yet again another bewitching fable with an enchanting animal in a #finnish world full of wilderness and wonder. In my opinion, what really makes #troll stand out among this genre is its ability to seemingly and powerfully accentuate all the above and bring about something new. Is this an #academic and historical study on trolls? Is this a survey on our #animalistic instincts? Is this a #lovestory with no ending? At the end, you couldn’t care less and might end up wanting more and more. #johannasinisalomasterfully combines all these elements into quite the literary ride between the intricacies of human relations and our relations with #nature and animals. The bottom line here is #relations and how we purposely choose to interact with what surrounds us in one way or another. And I’m going to stop my mini review here because Troll is way more simple and enchanting than I’m making it sound. Read it to get in touch with the troll(s) living inside you. #recommended #debutnovel#finnishliterature #tampere #groveatlantic#ennenpaivanlaskuaeivoi #fable #darkfable#lgbtq #ennenpäivänlaskuaeivoi

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