True ghosts stories of Borneo by Aammton Alias

E4A3FFAA-CF9B-4D9F-A2F8-EE9C1C4B7C28Book set in Sukang, Brunei. Reviewed on 2020/02:

I chose #brunei as the main location for this book. However, as #aammtonalias makes it clear in his book, #trueghoststoriesofborneo is an attempt to gather #stories from all over the island. #borneo has the “distinction” of being the island with the most territorial claims. Most of Borneo belongs to #indonesia(#kalimantan ) and then you have #sarawak and #sabah belonging to #malaysia and the tiny state of Brunei on the northern coast. These political borders can’t stop one thing: people’s imaginations. #monsters , #livingdead#supernatural beings and more pullulate these pages and seem to abound all over the island regardless of national allegiance. #alias claims to have collected these #shortstoriesfrom real and #firsthand accounts. Regardless of whether you consider these stories to be true or not, most of the stories are quite entertaining, easy to read and interesting if you are not familiar at all with the countries and the local traditions and history. It’s a great way to discover another side of the world which might seem so different, but yet so similar. #islandshave always had an interesting combination of isolation, particular ways of thinking, political upheavals and unique ecosystems. No surprise that supernatural beings and ghosts also make islands their favorite places to live. #ghostencounters#literatureofbrunei #bruneiliterature

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