Twilight in Delhi by Ahmed Ali

912CED6A-4EDA-4DCC-AAD8-A7F833F2FDEE.JPGBook set in New Delhi, India. Reviewed on 2019/07:

#twilight is defined as (thanks to @merriamwebster ) the light from the sky between full night and sunrise or between sunset and full night or an intermediate state that is not clearly defined or even a period of decline. Much like this definition, #twilightindelhi is a state in #between, an #intermediate state, not clearly defined and which marks the beginning of a steep #decline . I know nothing of the #delhi of the beginning of the 20th century. However after reading #ahmedali ‘s #masterpiece I feel as I have walked through its streets, talked to its people, endured its heatwaves and survived to write my mini-review. This book is above all an ode to the city of Delhi, a feast for the senses and a voyage to its history. #alitakes us to a Delhi which seems both exalted and fragile. The characters are part of well-established #muslimfamilies which delight in their social status but also suffer from exclusion and discrimination. Their world(s) as they know it is about to come crashing down and they know there is nothing they can do about it. Instead they have chosen to continue with their lives in this splendorous city. Again I can’t emphasize enough the fact that Ali has written a book with one only main character: the city of Delhi. He delves into pages and pages of wondrous descriptions and observations. I absolutely adored it and he definitely excels at transporting the reader to both the city that it was and also the city that could have been. A strong contender for my #bestbookofthemonth . #highlyrecommended #newdirections#mughal #classic #indianmuslims#mohalla #poetry #hindustan#olddelhi

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