Tyrant memory by Horacio Castellanos Moya

4B4878A5-C512-4430-A39B-082E8D9DAD90Book set in San Salvador, El Salvador. Reviewed on 2019/04: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv1oaXoHygO/

As I said so many times before we only have approx. 6-7 stories which we just repackage in different eras, styles, places and tell each other over and over again. #tyrantmemory contains very specific characters and language which speaks primarily to a #salvadorean reality. But you just have to read our current news headlines to know how much we all love a good #tyrant . Producing them seems to be one of our major global accomplishments and in #latinamerica from #venezuela to #brazil we can’t get enough of them. That’s why I think that although I had some issues with his style in this particular book, #castellanosmoya ‘s book is one of those stories we desperately need to read out loud on repeat until the end of times. You never know what’s going to appeal one individual over another or one generation compared to another one. My major criticism comes from the fact that I loved so much his previous book called #senselessness or #ascoin Spanish, also translated/published by #newdirections . I would have loved to see his #thomasbernhard – like and sheer genius style used as a new vocabulary for a story we can’t seem to get enough of. Having said this, I think #tyrant is a complete and ingeniously-written novel which I’m sure will resonate profoundly with some readers. #recommended#sansalvador #salvadoreanliterature#santaana #traitors #cojutepeque#dictatorship#horaciocastellanosmoya #diary

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