Under the silk cotton tree by Jean Buffon

IMG_1651Set in Grenada. Reviewed on 2018/06: https://www.instagram.com/p/BkSv6gwF8Ra/

The magic of reading several books taking place in the same region is that you obviously notice how they all tend to mention the same places, the same historical events, the same issues in general. I hate to generalize here but I can’t help to notice in all the #caribbeanset books coming up this week, a palpable sense of #meandering and observing the cruel yet happy life under the shade of a palm tree. In my opinion #underthesilkcottontree is the most representative of that feeling. #buffongdoes not aim to tell us one or THE story. Instead she wants to talk about all the stories, as they pass nonchalantly in front of her. I chose this book solely because it takes place in #grenada . However the story of a woman trying to make sense of her almost resignation to the passing of days under the oppressing sun could have taken place anywhere in the Caribbean. I think what makes it uniquely Caribbean is the strange mix of idyllic setting and family/personal tragedies complimenting each other perflectly. Having said all this, I still need to warn readers when it comes to the writing style of #jeanbuffong . It’s basically #streamofconciousnessintertwining seemingly disparate stories peppered with #creole words. I think it reinforces the idea of #divagating and digress using the Caribbean breeze as a metaphor. Just be aware that this is not a plot-driven story. If you’re OK with that, relax, open your ears and enjoy the breeze. #recommended #grenadianliterature#emergingvoices #girlhood #island#silkcottontree #neighbors#caribbeanwomen #interlinkbooks # #debutnovel

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