Valentino and Sagittarius by Natalia Ginzburg

Book set in Dronero, Italy. Reviewed on 2021/09:

I love how #nyrb has taken upon itself to raise the profile and accessibility of #nataliaginzburg in the English speaking world, specially her early works. #valentino and #sagittarius are great examples of #ginzburg ‘s masterful treatment of the fluctuations and whims of our human conditions. I know we’re supposed to have two #novellas here. But these characters all seem to inhabit the same story or stories. With details and twists, Ginzburg laser focuses on the slow but decisive march of our own choices, a crescendo of missed opportunities and unfulfilled ambitions which ultimately provoke an outcome we claim to never have seen it coming, how could this be happening to us. Ginzburg allows us to read from the outside how us humans are oblivious to the connections and consequences of a multitude of small decisions and our addiction to claiming ourselves victims of fate, outside forces and others. These are stories to read and reread without moderation. #highlyrecommended #italianliterature #einaudi #turino #genoa #dronero #newyorkreviewofbooks #cynthiazarin #avrilbardoni #sagittario

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