Waimea summer by John Dominis Holt

IMG_8180Book set in Waimea, United States. Reviewed on 2019/02: https://www.instagram.com/p/Btv5vF1nNTp/

Inevitably I can’t escape my urge to categorize a book once I’m reading it. #waimeasummer fought me all along and I’m happy to say that the book won. It initially felt like a #comingofagestory of a kid which doesn’t need to come to any age at all. Mark is an #oldsoul , too attentive, too interested in the world of adults, too wise for his age or so the adults in his world would claim. Once you continue to read, you realize that Mark is hiding a conundrum of questions behind his serious and quiet demeanor. He wants to question who he is, who is he perceived as, who gets to define how #hawaiian he is, can he himself define what it means to be Hawaiian? Instead of asking all these questions out loud, #johndominisholt gives us a child drawn to introspection and interested in observations. A significant part of the text happens in the kind’s mind with a heavy dose of #streamofconsciousness . Personally the best scenes in this book are when the text becomes something of a #ghoststory or an exploration into Hawaiian and #polynesianmythology. It is in those moments that the young Mark is confronted to two different worldviews, the white American (English) and the Hawaiian, which are both parts or supposed to be integral parts of who he is. Once you delve a little into #holt ‘s biography, it’s impossible not to argue that he probably saw himself in this young boy. Much like Mark, Holt was also of mixed Hawaiian and White European descent and struggled to grow up in a #hawaiitraumatized by US annexation and the abrupt change from a Hawaiian monarchy to a US territory. #waimea #honolulu#hawaiianliterature#universityofhawaiipress #paniolo #kohala#highlyrecommended #readoceania#waimeavalley #kahuna

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