Walk home by Rachel Seiffert

87235E13-19DF-42FA-9171-ED492FF8C6A6.JPGBook set in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Reviewed on 2019/12: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6OWcHWA5m-/

I was not super into this book when I began reading it, and my enthusiasm never increased at all. The best past of this book and what kept me reading was #rachelseiffert ‘s writing style. There is something very enticing, mysterious and captivating in the way she uses words and what they evoke. However, the story itself is just not appalling at all. There is something very specific going on here associated with #glasgow , #irish , #ulster #protestant #workingclass . I just never felt that it took off as powerfully as #seiffert ‘s evocative writing made you believe. I don’t want to belittle anyone’s positive reaction to this story especially if you feel identified and seen in this story. I do, however, have some issues when a story relies heavily on a particular situation and refuses to see the connections with people outside of that situation. Seiffert is clearly a skillful storyteller. However, I’d prefer to look into her other stories for something more captivating and “universal”. #scotland #pantheon#pantheonbooks #nextplease#maybeanotherbook #britishliterature#againstallodds #familyissues#notsurewhattheproblemis#maybenexttime #scottish

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