Whatever happened to Dulce Veiga by Caio Fernando Abreu

6DFC31D0-BA1A-4FD8-9FDB-340B6E4C86A7Book set in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Reviewed on 2019/06: https://www.instagram.com/p/BykwxTDguTQ/

Poking into #bookstagram worlds in other countries or languages is probably the best part about being here. Japanese, Arabic, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, you name it! I don’t understand a thing and I follow and like them all. Hehehe Following a few #brazilian bookstagrammers is how I found out about #caiofernandoabreu . He seems to be very prominent within #brazilianliterature especially that one pertaining to urban, 80s, #queer , irreverent and hopeful #brazil of the last days of the military dictatorship in the mid-1980s. It reminded me of #lamovida in Spain right after the Franco dictatorship. The effervescence of a country that dared to dream and is ready to take control of its future. Well #abreu feels more like a warning, a hilarious and baroque warning into a new Brazilian reality. At first #whateverhappenedtodulceveigaseems more of a noir #detectivethriller. However soon the reader discovers what you’re up against. Abreu has made each and every Brazilian into #dulcevega . Who wouldn’t want to stand up, run away and leave it all behind? But where to? Where are you supposed to hide in a land full of secrets and misunderstandings? Someone needs to translate more Abreu ASAP… please! #recommended#genderqueerlit #saopaulo#texaspanamericanseries#universityoftexaspress #humanfauna#mystery #vanished

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