When hoopes go to heaven by Gaile Parkin

IMG_1249Set in Mbabane, Swaziland. Reviewed on 2018/05: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjP7DVIlToO/

Oh boy! What is going on in this book? It’s a hot mess for sure! Is #parkin trying to describe the seemingly normal life of a little boy? Is this a social critique in the plight of #swaziwomen or #hiv patients? Is this an #immigrant story? Or a #comingofage book? Perhaps all of the above? My wild guess is all of the above. Unfortunately I think #gaileparkinachieves none, nothing at all with quite the skill. Don’t get me wrong! I usually love those meaningless books about nothing and everything at the same time. However in the case of #whenhoopoesgotoheaven I believe Parkin actually wanted to convey a message and just didn’t manage to at all. This is also a #sequel to her most famous book #bakingcakesinkigali which I have not read. Maybe there is something I’m missing from the previous book? I somehow doubt it… Anyway I basically read the whole thing just because I didn’t have any other options when it came to books set in #swazilandand I did enjoy the mentions of other cities in the country and in other countries. But I must say that’s it! #mbabane #tanzania#baking #corvus #swazi #siswati #rwanda#hivaidsawareness #hivaids #atlanticbooks

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