Where the line bleeds by Jesmyn Ward

IMG_2636Set in De Lisle, United States. Reviewed on 2018/07: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlViQG6l74I/

Short from completely reframing from posting books set in the #unitedstates I’ve decided instead to feature only books talking about the systemic racial and other intersectional problems in this country. Issues we all need to read and confront as a concerned citizen and stories left aside and frowned upon for too long.

There’s something positive to be said for reading immensely popular writers after the buzz or even reading her#firstnovel or lesser known books. I’m mentioning all this because I had a feeling of #expectationwhile reading #wherethelinebleeds . I was expecting certain situations to happen or happened to people and certain characters to say or behave in a specific way. I’d like to think #ward had and even purposely aimed at encouraging the reader to feel that way: to read this story in an #ominous way. Am I allowed to say in a beautifully ominous way? Ward crafted this story as a #movingimage because everything is both vivid/nostalgic and things/feelings you can easily relate to. Someone even told me that this is not her best book. The idea that her master storytelling and artistic style could possibly get amplified brings me hope and solace when it comes to the soul of this country. How can she possibly paint a vivid picture of a place and era so specific and force us all to relate to this story? Is the nostalgia of those beautiful moments before the storm something we have all lived through? #mississippi #twins#unitedstatesliterature #gulfcoast #delisle#ruralsouth #smalltown#highlyrecommended #segregation#neworleans

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