Whylah falls by George Elliott Clarke

81C39FC3-9035-4DBA-84BE-3B3C09739673Book set in Birchtown, Canada. Reviewed on 2019/12: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5xdvq3gdbV/

“Come, my live, come, this lonely, passionate, Nova Scotian night. Your voice trembles like wings, Your bones whisper. Under the moon, I stroll The shadowed road, awaiting your dark eyes and sandalled feet. My love, if I have to, I will place this blue town of white shadows And black water all night, if I have to.”
#whylahfalls is a #celebration of a book. An album of your memories, #poems , photos and stories of those long gone and somehow still remembered. The stories of #blackcanadians specifically #blacknovascotians , a significant and active and also at times discriminated against community. These poems and pictures reminded me of #derekwalcott and his Omeric poetry. #georgeelliottclarke does not shy away from giving the #black and #blackcanadian experience the #shakespearian treatment it deserves. And yes, there are over 30 pages of introductions and annotations in this book. As a librarian myself, I appreciated that. All those reviews out there accusing this book of being “pretentious” probably failed to use the introduction to navigate the book; and of course can’t handle the idea of a #blackwriter writing about #blackculture and #blackcommunities in the most embellished, sophisticated and poetic way possible. #highlyrecommended #canadareads #governorgeneralsawards #birchtown #novascotia #blacknovascotia #polestarbook #polestarbookpublishers

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