Wild thorns by Sahar Khalifeh

AE912A7C-485A-4473-88D0-81AE7B92C1ECBook set in Nablus, Palestine. Reviewed on 2019/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1RiL4Tg8eL/

I’ll tell you this. #wildthorns by #saharkhalifeh could easily become my #bestbookofthemonthand even my #bestbookoftheyear . I don’t remember the last time a book challenged me both reading through the glances of any of the characters or reading the story from all the contradictory voices as it developed. #saharkhalifeh dares to do something groundbreaking and controversial here. She fully describes a complex #palestinian society in fight not only with obvious external forces but also in fight with itself. #khalifeh dares to write about a Palestinian soul as transparent, strong and weak as any soul can be. And when there is nothing to hide and everything is laid out for everyone to see and feel, maybe there is an opportunity to say things out loud and unconditionally and see things differently. I was not surprised to read also that Khalifeh was friends with #fadiafaqir whom I reviewed earlier. Both women were (and continue to be?) the target of negative criticism from other well-known Arab male writers. Unlike her male counterparts, Khalifeh does not claim to have the answers to all the challenging and uncomfortable questions she poses. Quite the contrary! Why do you need to have all or any answers in order to pose questions? Sometimes the most resilient, brave and effective act of liberation and resistance is to dare to ask the question(s), to simply speak up and ask them all. Most men are afraid of women asking questions and Khalifeh is pregnant with them.  #highlyrecommended #nablus#palestinianliterature #interlinkbooks#interlink #alsubar#lifeundertheoccupation #palestinian#الصبار #نابلس #‎سحر_خليفة#

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