Willful disregard by Lena Andersson

4F57DEC3-0AC4-4C48-9284-3FD078536F96Book set in Stockholm, Sweden. Reviewed on 2020/05: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAkkX-egvxI/

I’m glad to come out from the snooze of the last three books fairly unscathed. And what a slap in the face with this one! Disturbing and brutal, that’s how I would describe #willfuldisregard by #lenaandersson . #andersson plunges the readers into an abyss of psychotic and intense emotions, a cycle of love, obsession, denial, self-hate, inflated hope, unending frustration, complete crash and start all over again. I don’t remember the last time I read a book with two equally unpleasant characters. Inevitably, we tend to look for a character, trait or something we can sympathize with, a sense of solidarity in the book. Andersson refuses to give us that cushion of comfort. She does provide some sort of relief through the words of her narrator telling the story of a complete #trainwreck to nowhere. To be honest, I did find some of these “cycles” to be a bit repetitive. I understand Andersson wanted to make a point on how we can fall pray to #obsessions and #infatuationsspecially when they are not reciprocated and full of unrequited love. #recommended#swedishliterature #stockholm #malmo#itsnotyouitsme #lovedoesnotexist#Egenmäktigtförfarande #Augustpriset#SvenskaDagbladetslitteraturpris#notforeveryone #lovesucks#peoplesuck #lovekills #ghosting

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