Woman of the ashes by Mia Couto

IMG_1238Set in Inharrime, Mozambique. Reviewed on 2018/05: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjOEpPUFwP2/

It’s all about #mozambique and #couto today! With #womanoftheashes the first in a #trilogylet’s say that Couto does #historicalfiction . This is his latest book at least translated and published here in the States. I’m guessing there are definitely more in the pipeline coming out very soon given the trilogy angle. I personally think Mr Couto should fired everyone and disconnect from everything and reconnect with his #spellbinding writing. Because it’s just not here at all. Don’t get me wrong! This is still a well constructed and the product of someone with a masterful #storytellingskill. However once you have read his previous books, there is definitely something missing here somewhere. The old Couto seemed to me buried underneath a strong desire to create a well defined and historically accurate picture. I’d say, do your very strict and perfectly cross referenced #historical research and then implode the shit out of everything, smash it all to pieces. Instead Couto has aimed to give us a quite interesting and well documented story devoid of any raw and mesmerizing beauty that he’s SO capable of. You still learn a lot about Mozambique and #portuguesecolonialism in the end of the 19th century. Just for that I’m going to #recommend this book anyway. Hoping for a re-awakening in his upcoming books… #maputo #latinamerican #inhambane#inharrime #mozambicanliterature#mulheresdecinza #manjacaze #xaixai#asareiasdoimperador #epistolary

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