Women without men by Shahrnush Parsipur

IMG_6236Set in Tehran, Iran. Reviewed on 2017/04: https://www.instagram.com/p/BW1b11mBSGd/

This book is everything and #iranianliterature is rocking my world. With this seemingly simple and skinny book #parsipur managed to get herself arrested, jailed and #banned in Iran. Despite all that, #womenwithoutmen is apparently a hit in with Iranians and I can see why. Different levels here: first there is an array of #female characters aiming to make sense of their lives against all odds and take control. House wife, schoolteacher, prostitute and more, the disparate characters somehow come together to create and dominate a world of their without men or at least with men in the background. The chapters go back and forth between periods of #iranianhistoryBeing acquainted with these events could help you appreciate the stories even more. But not a must! More interestingly, Parsipur’s style of writing is as intricate and melodious as the #persianlanguage itself. That’s important here because the #vignettes show a sense of empowerment and willingness very much anchored and rooted in the surrounding culture. I #highlyrecommend it. #shahrnushparsipur#teheran #censored #feminism #women#شهرنوش #تهران #iranianwomen #woman#powerfulwomen

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