Yummah by Sarah A. Al-Safei

324615E2-6CFE-474B-9987-1CAC56542F94Book set in Manama, Bahrain. Reviewed on 2020/06: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBCNnSIgj62/

In a constant parade of demagogue “leaders” and mediocre nationalisms, it’s so great and refreshing seeing so many people on IG trying to read books from all over the world. However, I still think we need to be very careful when selecting books or stories that supposedly “represent” a particular country or place. Did the author want her story to be “representative” of a culture, country, community? Are my own biases choosing this book to “represent”? I’m saying all of this because #yummah by #sarahaalshafei seems to be the book chosen by most people to “represent” #bahrain . This book made me think of so many questions while reading it: why am I uncomfortable with the sequence of events? Is #alshafei idealizing #khadeeja or am I judging the drama from my own perspective or both? How to be self-aware of my own experiences and reactions while letting the story guide and confront me? I have zero answers to these questions. I’ll tell you this: I very much enjoyed battling with this sorry all throughout the book. I certainly enjoyed the #multigenerational story through the changes in #bahraini history. Beyond that, I let myself enjoy being challenged and not agreeing with the story and confronting myself all over again. I’d love to hear if anyone from Bahrain or any #gulf country has read it as well. #selfpublished #bahrainiliterature#manama #britishprotectorate #dubai#athenapress #sarahalshafei #البحرين#bahrainiwomen #المنامة

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