Zeno’s consciousness by Italo Svevo

7CB84458-A21D-462E-B002-F594034CA4EEBook set in Trieste, Italy. Reviewed on 2020/01: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7G11W2gO5A/

Disclaimer: As with all my mini reviews, I do not intend to tell you what the book is about nor do I aspire to write THE definitive review of anything whatsoever. These reviews are only my biased and emotional opinions and nothing else. Having said that, I enjoyed this book because I absolutely loved #svevo ‘s #AsaManGrowsOlder . That’s important to mention because I think whether you like #ZenosConscience or not, it all has to do more with external or personal considerations, rather than with the story itself. On its bare bones, #TheConfessionsofZeno felt dull, monotonous and pointless. This #diary is like anyone else’s diary: personal, ambiguous, with ups and downs and rather boring to external readers. If you consider #italosvevo ‘s upbringing in #trieste , the city’s history, the beginnings of #psychoanalysis and the #modernistnovel, the influence of #jamesjoyceand the #firstworldwar , then the story definitely takes different meanings depending on which prism you choose to read from. I guess that’s my recommendation with this book. Choose a way through which you can read this book, before embarking on its 400 pages. Otherwise #zeno ‘s recounting of his own life is quite inconsequential and banal, in my opinion. #italianliterature #psychiatrist#LacoscienzadiZeno#everymanslibrary#everymanslibraryclassics#confessions #revealingyourself

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